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About phonebridge®

The phonebridge® team from Haltern am See in Germany only has one vision: to integrate IT and telephony and thus teach your company software to use the telephone. For better customer service, more sales success, more convenience.


Google Workspace (GSuite) is a professional CRM with professional enabled through phonebridge. Google Workspace (GSuite) exists since 2011. The available platforms from Google Workspace (GSuite) are: Cloud. Pricing for Google Workspace (GSuite) starts at 4. 68 Euro per user and month. The producer Google, LLC sells Google Workspace (GSuite).


Phonalisa is a professional PBX with professional calling features enabled through phonebridge. The available platforms from Phonalisa are: Cloud, Hardware und Virtuelle Machine. Phonalisa exists since 2013. Pricing for Phonalisa starts at as low as 0 Euro per user and month. PBX Phonalisa is published by Phonalisa Europe GmbH.

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