Jetzt Kontakte zwischen unzähligen Apps intelligent syncen mit®!

Integrate DATEV and Asterisk

Resolve caller numbers to caller names automatically

Click to dial instead of entering numbers manually

Save time: avoid multiple data entry by re-using your contacts as phone book

Telefonnotizen während des Gesprächs erfassen und in DATEV archivieren.

Telefonate automatisch in DATEV zum Mandanten speichern

Telefonzeiten einfach auswerten

Free trial

Personal account manager

Personal account manager

Für garantiert jede DATEV-Umgebung

DATEV auf lokalen Arbeitsplätzen bzw. lokalen Windows Terminalserver

DATEV von Ihrem Partner: PARTNERasp

DATEV aus dem zentralen Rechenzentrum: DATEVasp

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About phonebridge®

The phonebridge® team from Haltern am See in Germany only has one vision: to integrate IT and telephony and thus teach your company software to use the telephone. For better customer service, more sales success, more convenience.


Phonebridge extends the CRM DATEV with extended phone features. CRM DATEV is sold by DATEV eG. The available platforms from DATEV are: Cloud und Desktop-App. Since 1966 DATEV is distributed.


Phonebridge extends the PBX Asterisk with extended calling features. Pricing for Asterisk starts at as low as 0 Euro per user and month. The available basis technologies from Asterisk are: Cloud und Virtuelle Machine. PBX Asterisk is sold by Digium. Asterisk exists since 1999.

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